We are changing the way we sell our hand-painted jars. They are now only available to purchase one day a month! So if you see something you like make sure you pop it in your basket. As we have limited stock available - if you are confused about what colours to choose, please purchase a set as quickly as possible and we can discuss afterwards to make any alterations to your order. 



The jars have been hand-painted, they are extremely beautiful pieces that have been made with lots of love and care. They are much more delicate then your usual shop bought canister set so it is advised to handle with the upmost care. We have put a lot of effort into making sure they are as durable as possible by sealing with a protective varnish laquer, we no longer paint the tops of the standard screw style jars where the lid is screwed on, and we additionally now include a thin layer of felt to the bottom of each jar to add a softer touch when placing on your kitchen counter. The outside of the jars are not waterproof, they can be gently wiped down, however it is advised to clean the insides with a cloth. Feel free to email for any further enquiries. 

[21 day production time]

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